Wednesday, 11 April 2012

We're at Rasta @TTDI

Hi semua,
31March & 1 April aritu kami di Rasta@ttdi sempena Bazaar oh Bazaar bersama . Jom cekidaud!

One of our customer wearing theblisscloset collection :)

Our booth

the collection

Model for the bags ;p

Next event also will be held at Rasta@ttdi on 28 April. Do come ya ladies! See ya! :)


Friday, 23 March 2012

What a lovely scarf

From left : pink, peach,light brown (RM 5/piece)

From left: Dark blue, light pink, dark purple (RM 5/piece)

From top: white, black,dark brown (RM 5/piece)

From left: Shocking pink, blue, grey (RM5/piece)

Hey ladies, tak tahu nak gayakan plain bawal?
Grab this lace scarf! Sure classy bila pakai dengan plain bawal..
Order it now dear :)

*limited stock

Bawal come in pastel

RM10/piece, buy 2 for Rm17

Ladies, grab this bawal in pastel colours!
U will be soooo ayu in this bawal. *weeehuu!
Nak?? Order now darlings... ^.^''

Bawal goes wild in striking colours

peek a boo!

our first batch, cekidaud  :)

RM10/piece, buy 2 for RM 17

we have striking colours collection of bawal untuk wanita yang berani.. *tryme tryme :D
 How to order??

Kindly email me. Sils lihat instruction sebelah :)

I love bawal!

Do we love bawal? Yes we all do....... :)
Bawal never get off season.....

Stay tuned on our next update,

PLAIN BAWAL inspired by Dian Pelangi :)))

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Opening

Helo helo gojes out there!
we're selling shawls and pre loved ( clothes, accessories, shawls)

Did i heard claps??? Oh yes!
Now you're in
Now lets shop till drop! :D